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Friday, May 9, 2014

"Small Government" Republicans in Missouri Statehouse Strike Again

Yes, those pesky "small government" Republicans, the "free market" Capitalist ones down in Jeff City are striking again, for their millionaire overlords. Did you hear about this beauty yet?

Nearly unbelievable.

It seems the state's car dealers don't want any additional competition so they're no doubt going to their representatives--ahem, OUR representatives--giving them "campaign contributions" and voila! out comes this legislation that would keep Tesla cars from being sold in the state. It's already taken place in Texas and a few other states.

And from Republican legislatures.

As I said, from people who are supposed to be for less meddlesome, "small government" and more truly free market Capitalism.

Seems they only want "free markets" that help themselves.

And it's only "big government" if they don't like it.

Or it doesn't put yet more money in their pockets.

We have to speak up, people. We have to stop this nonsense. We have to force change. We have to get our government, our laws and our legislators and their legislation back for us, for the people.

The way to do it is to fight to end campaign contributions. We have to get the big, ugly, corrupting influence of their money out of our elections and so, our government.

It has to come from us. It's the only way it will change.

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