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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Missouri: Them what has, gets

Yes, the old quote, above, gets an update in Missouri this week:

The Republican-controlled State Senate delivered a defeat to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, sending a bill to reduce the top individual income tax rate to the House.

Kansas did it first, lowering taxes on the already-wealthy and raising them on the middle- and lower-classes. Somehow, remarkably, Missouri legislators think this is somehow a good idea in spite of the clear unfairness and immorality it presents. It also flies in the face of the effects its having on Kansas' coffers. Check out these very recent results:

Moody's downgrades Kansas' credit rating

So it's blatantly unfair, it's immoral, it puts more burdens on the middle-class and poor and it ends up leading to less money in the states' coffers and a sluggish economy, what with less money in that same middle and lower class people's pockets so they spend less and ultimately leads to a downgrade in the state's credit rating.

Oh, yeah. I can see how that's a totally good idea.

Rex Sinquefeld must be just giddy.  He's certainly getting his money's worth out of Jefferson City.

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