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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Olathe Makes National News---And In the Worst Ways

Yes, Olathe is in the news just now, today, over at The New York Times, no less.

He Became a Hate Crime Victim. 

She Became a Widow.

Not only is it tragic because the story is of a very senseless murder but also because, at its root, is just racism. And ugliness. And stupidity. And ignorance.

It's the local story, of course, of the idiot, ugly racist who, last February, took his semiautomatic pistol, confronted a local man about his immigration status. That wasn't enough, he then took it upon himself to wage what he apparently thought was "justice" on this complete stranger, murdering him.

I've said before and this proves it once again, too many times, guns are by and for and with utter cowards. This, again, ugly racist used his gun because he didn't have the guts to spew his stupidity empty-handed.

This proves also why bloggers shouldn't let racists post and spew their ugly, ignorant, racist venom on their blogs, "free speech" or no.  This ugliness feeds on itself among these knuckle-draggers.

We need to be better than this. All of us. All across the Kansas City metropolitan area, all across Missouri and the nation.

We have to end this vile racism.

Side note:  I wish our local Star would have done the story, instead.

But for that they need writers?

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