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Monday, May 30, 2016

A New Kansas City Tradition Starting Around Our New Streetcars?

It seems a new tradition may well be starting here in Kansas City based on our just as new streetcars and it's another musical tradition if it takes off.

I saw this last evening on a local and my Facebook friend Eric Nielsen. He was going to the annual Memorial Day Celebration at the Station.

The streetcar is rocking with group karaoke - it was "I Will Survive" and now it's "Don't Stop Believing " . It's hilarious!

Another friend of his also wrote that there had been karaoke on the streetcar the previous night, too.

It makes me think these streetcars may well really work. It seems Kansas Citians are not only riding them but enjoying them, too.

So suck on that, haters. To all who dismiss them or hope they fail, especially bloggers who rail against them and seem to want to bring failure down on everything from the Mayor to our Royals and Chiefs and the Country Club Plaza, it seems it's a long overdue good thing, people are using them and loving them, too.

Let's hope it keeps up.


Nick said...

Now THAT's hilarious! And not to far from what I predictedMariachi en tres amigos kc.

kcMuseings said...

LOVE it. Hoped it would be a cultural "connector" but never thought it would be such a social vehicle too! Thanks for sharing.

Mo Rage said...

I'm with you,kcMuseings. I never expected or hoped it would be a cultural connector yet it seems to be turning out to be. I hope it does. What a fantastic, additional benefit, after the mass transit. Great for us.