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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Super Bowl Ad They Wouldn't Show

The Super Bowl ad they wouldn't show----but should.

We took their land from them and we took their food and their culture and religion.

Then we gave them guns.  And alcohol.

"Redskins" has got to go.

Link:  Change The Mascot - Launched By The Oneida Indian Nation


Byron Funkhouser said...

This clip brought tears to my eyes.
I am 1/8 Shawnee, but never knew my great-grandfather, or his people.

When I was in Alaska, I dated a native women. She was the most real woman that I've ever known. She was so grounded that she seemed to be part of the earth.

Is there a team called the "White Devils"?

Mo Rage said...

Good question. There certainly ought to be.