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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Who We Are, America

Who we are, what we've become, what we're actually doing, in spite of what we think of ourselves.

---Our health care has become unobtainable for millions of us.  And we know it.

US Healthcare: Most Expensive and 

Worst Performing

---Same with college education (actually, according to this ranking, we're 3rd most expensive in the world but climbing).

10 Most Expensive Countries for College 

in the World in 2015

---We spend more on what we call defense than any other nation, bar none and far and away, yet we no doubt think of ourselves as a peaceful people and nation.

World's Top Military Spenders: U.S. Spends More than Next Top 14 Countries Combined.

---same with weapons---we are the world's number one arms seller.

So congratulations, America and Americans. I don't think you really know exactly who you actually are and/or what you're doing in the world and even to your own nation.

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