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Monday, September 14, 2015

Why I Can't Bear To See Ignorant Racism

One of the reasons I most hate to see or read or hear blatant, ugly, ignorant racism is partly, furst, sure, because it's just ugly and wrong.

But the 2nd reason is because those racists in this country, usually white, have no idea of our own nation's history and the wide ranging scope of that racism and of our history and what mostly black Americans have gone through in this country nor, again, our own nation's history.

From the history of slavery in this country and how much it has influenced how we got to here, to today and to where we are but then, after slavery and after our Civil War. It's why people need to study it and be shown what took place. far too few know now as they ought.

Douglas Blackmon's "Slavery By Another Name" was illuminating for me and a lot of us who watched it.

Last evening, I saw this, "The Help."

Too many people just don't know. Too many people don't know our history.

And for a blogger in this city to allow ugly, ignorant, racist comments in his comment section just perpetuates that racism, that ugliness and that stupidity.

The blogger should know better.


Anonymous said...

The racists didn't learn to hate blacks. They decided to hate blacks. Its as if they decided that their reaction to emancipation would be hatred of the freemen. Seemingly, in spite.

These comments are made as an act of terror. They become, themselves, a hate crime.

Just as the Germans do not tolerate Holocaust denial, we should not tolerate this!

Mo Rage said...

I couldn't agree more