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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Right Wing Experiments


Right wing socio-economic experiments Republicans, Conservatives and the Right Wing have wrought for and on America and Americans in the last 30 or so years:

Trickle down - 35 years of experience - total failure, only benefits those who are supposed to trickle it down. But it benefits them a lot and they pay to maintain it.

Citizens United (unlimited campaign contributions) - monumental failure in only a few years. Even right wingers don't like it, although they are using it. Un-American, undemocratic - the rich are buying elections.

Drug testing for welfare recipients - a total boon for the drug testing industry and the politicians invested in it. The return on investment is profoundly negative in the states doing it - a huge waste of public money, in other words. Poor people don't have money for drugs - kinda simple, isn't it?

Charter schools - scandal after scandal wherever these have been foisted on the public. A horrible way to educate your kids, unless you're extremely careful. Another profitable right wing cause, however. Lots of cash to their benefactors.

More, but you get the idea. 

End these failed right wing social experiments. They've gone on too long as it is.

From high school and Facebook friend Brian Rock.

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