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Monday, July 13, 2015

Kansas Crazy

The story is 2 weeks old but still, it's so surprising, even disappointing, it's difficult to believe. What's not difficult to believe is that it's out of Kansas.

Kansas allows concealed guns in Statehouse without permit

Stunning. Some information:

Visitors to the Kansas Statehouse now can bring concealed guns into the historic building without a state permit.

The new law took effect July 1 and ended a requirement for residents 21 and older to obtain a state permit to carry a concealed firearm, The Wichita Eagle reported. The state last year began allowing people to carry concealed guns into the Statehouse if they had a permit.

Ending the permit requirement means people don’t have to undergo a background check or complete eight hours of firearms training to carry a concealed gun. Kansas is among a handful of states without such restrictions.

While dangerous, at least, they get credit for not being total hypocrties. They support guns everywhere. This will help give them just that.

Not hypocritical. 

Just dangerous.

And stupid.

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