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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What our do-nothing Congress just did

And we thought we couldn't get any less work from this Congress:

Absolutely true.

This Congress had been out on recess, came back to "work"--for 8 whopping days--and now just voted to give themselves yet more time, way more than a month, off work. A vacation. Yet another vacation.

Don't you wish you had such options?

Yes, after a bone-crushing eight days of work, House majority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has announced that effective today, school’s out for mid-terms. They’re returning to work on November 12th, one day after the elections. McCarthy himself washes his hands of the matter:
“Unfortunately, while our nation continues to face tremendous economic challenges, House and Senate Majority leaders decided to adjourn Congress early and leave town. This was an unfortunate change in schedule for the American people and small businesses across the country.
My colleagues and I, including more than 40 Democrats, were ready to have a real debate and vote on making sure we have stable tax rates moving forward so that small business owners can plan for the future. However, Congress departed without passing legislation to extend our current tax code and prevent massive tax hikes that arec oming January 1, 2011. Congress also failed to consider a real budget for Fiscal Year 2011.”

So if any of you were expecting, say, a jobs/infrastructure bill because, oh, I don't know, Americans need the jobs and our infrastructure needs the updating and improving (think I-70 alone) and the economy needs a boost?


What I'd like to know is, for all this time--I figure 53 days off--what does one do as a member of this Congress, either chamber, to either disappear or to appear as though they're actually doing the "people's work" and earning their pay?

How many county fairs are open right now?

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