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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That noise you just heard was any new airport being killed

First, Representative Sam Graves has made it clear, time and again, that tearing down our existing airport only to throw it away and build a new one is absurd. Here is his website from last August:

Then, last week, Southwest Airlines--our biggest tenant at the airport right now--came out squarely, publicly against the costs of the new debacle airport:

Southwest Airlines wants a bigger voice on KCI's future

Apparently, according to a report on KCPT, Southwest had told public officials for some time that they were against this whole idea. It's only just now they decided to go public.

Then, today, I saw this little YouTube video from our own one-and-the-same KCPT and their Kansas City Week in Review  show. It's loaded with not just cautions but good to great reasons Kansas City shouldn't--and even likely won't--tear down our current airport, only to build a new, extremely expensive new one:

God, I loved that.

Seems as though common sense and fiscal responsibility is going to prevail after all.

But stay tuned.


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