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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Senator Blunt clearly very wrong about Americans, our opinions and even his own party

Senator Roy Blunt's Facebook page today said the following:

Most Americans oppose the Senate Democrats' proposal to raise the debt limit without implementing real spending reforms. I agree. The federal debt stands at almost $17 trillion today. Washington needs to get serious about reining in out-of-control spending.

Well, yeah, except a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll this week showed completely, totally and utterly the opposite of the Senator's contention:

And let's keep in mind, the Wall Street Journal is solidly pro-business and Right Wing leaning owned, as it is, by Rupert Murdoch so it shouldn't be claimed this is some wacko, Left Wing media nonsense.
The evidence is overwhelming.
Americans blame the Republicans for the federal government shutdown and rightly so, and Americans want our government up and working, running again and we also patently don't want our nation to go in default on our debt we already owe.
Another thing.  Lest Republicans should try to contend that they haven't supported these debt ceiling increases in the past:

Finally, where, exactly, is the debt right now anyway?
The debt is actually dropping?  
Under this president?
Imagine that.
Maybe we shouldn't have this shutdown and a possible default on our debt after all.
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