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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

So Very Few Americans Know Our Own National History

This man, Matthew Cooke, says it so well and so right.  Go here and watch this video.  And know it's true. Know he has his facts andour American history straight and correct. It's a very brief but very helpful to the point of important video, I feel strongly.

I've said time and again, so very few Americans know our full, true national history and what that has meant for----and done to--- African-Americans and Blacks in our nation, even right up to today. 

We have to learn.

And then we have to react. We have to correct.

Fortunately, some, a few, are now seeing the insurrection and attack on our nation's Capitol last month for the treason it was.

McConnell: Trump Tricked Me Into Backing His Coup

They're also seeing Ms. Greene for what and who she is.

No situation any better proves the old adage that if you don't know your own history, you are bound to repeat it any better than now, especially with that insurrection and treason of the traitors last month with the attack on our nation's Capitol.

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