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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

And Now, Biden v. Trump

I think it's sad and unfortunate we've come down to Joe Biden as a candidate for the presidency this year.

But it's absolutely, literally frightening, no understatement, that we've come down to Donald Trump.


Fortunately, we have this in our favor. This is from last Fall.

Mr. Trump had, almost singularly, the economy going for him. Now, he certainly doesn't have that. 

Added to the above link is this:

Joe Biden may not have been your first pick for President this year.

He certainly wasn't mine.

And sure, he's likely at least unimaginative and uninspired and yes, accused in the past of sexual assault.

Unlike Mr. Trump, he was not accused of sexual assault--or rape--by 80 different women.

But Joe Biden is, by far, far and away, a huge preference to Donald J Trump even the first time, let alone for a second term.

It's sad we've come to this.


And vote blue.

And get all your family and friends out to vote, too.

Well, except your crotchety old Uncle Goober, the Trump supporter.



Biden vs. Trump: The General Election Is Here, and Transformed

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