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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Sandra Bland's Treatment and Now Death

Regarding Sandra Bland, the American who was pulled over in Texas recently for a minor traffic violation and then horribly handled by first one, then two police officers, then detained and arrested, held for 3 days in jail and now dead, reputedly at her own hand, if you haven't seen the video, watch this first.

Any American not outraged by this event isn't aware of what happened or assume she's wrong because she's black or because they think that, no matter what a police officer tells you to do--like not smoke in your own car---has to be followed. There's no way she should have been detained, let alone arrested.

What's additionally outrageous is that Ms. Bland knew her rights and he violated them---her rights--and her and all because he seems to clearly have a chip on his shoulder, so to speak, and because he wanted her to get out of the car because she was smoking in her own car. His work was done but he wouldn't leave her alone.

And then, that they kept her in jail for 3 days? Really?
I'm angry her rights were violated at the arrest and then, making matters far worse, that she's dead. It's outrageous. She was an innocent American and she's now dead and for no reason whatever. This officer and that police force not only didn't do their duties properly but did them wrong, horribly, tragically wrong. They certainly didn't "protect and serve." Far from it. The opposite, in fact. 

I say again, this is outrageous.

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