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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Way to Israeli, Palestinian Peace

I think the only way there could or would be peace between Israel and the Palestinians is if the following things--four rather simple things--could and would happen and as soon as possible.

First, the Palestinians must stop firing mortars on Israel.  They must also stop tunneling the area. Both, immediately and forever.

Second, Hamas and all Palestinians must recognize Israel and must formally recognize Israel's right to exist. Immediately.  Permanently.

Tbird, Israel must withdraw from Gaza. Again, immediately.

Fourth and finally, Israel must stop its attacks on the Palestinians and must allow Palestinians to trade and function, naturally. Again, immediately and permanently.

Simple. Easy.

Not that simple and unfortunately, likely impossible. At least impossible until minds are opened and changed, anyway. Impossible until the desire for peace and intelligence trumps the desire for war, fighting and revenge, as we have now.

Would that this all already took place, a year ago, two years, three, ten.

It would be nice--great, in fact--if it took place today.

It could happen.  It should.  It won't, it seems.

Ah, well, we can dream, can't we?

Link:  Gaza needs the world's help

The Gaza strip is now unlivable. For the sake of humanity, the international community must require Israel to end this disaster

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