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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The day of the weird possible photos

Today has to be the day--the day of the weird, possible photos. First, I drive by the JC Nichols fountain at the Country Club Plaza in Mill Creek Park and there's a guy walking around down there with a protest sign. Sure, I know, not that weird, yet. The thing is, he's wearing nothing but an American flag, diaper-like and footwear (shoes, socks). That's it. The sign says "DISHONOR!" so I assume he's protesting the new photos that were released today by the Los Angeles Times, showing American soldiers desecrating Afghan war kills. Yikes. The 2nd really odd photo opportunity that made itself available to me today was in Midtown (of course) when I saw a very large man riding in a motorized chair in the street, no less, and he was carrying two big pink boxes of Lamar's donuts (their spelling, not mine). I mean, come on. It just doesn't get any better than this. And me with no camera. Ugh.


PWND said...

found him!

PWND said...!/AgentM83/status/192697842748502016/photo/1

someone got it for you!